I can Help

Hey if u want to u can send me ur username and password at ickyboy101@yahoo.com and i know that u probably dont trust me but i an going to tell u anyway. I DONT HACK. oh and btw,  i am a girl not a boy i just know about icky boys cuz there is one in my class, well actually in the other class but oh well. plz write. BYEAS!!!


9 responses

30 01 2007

hi cuddly will you please give me some cheats? ok bye!

30 01 2007

i have a ton of cheats!!!! its under the file CHEATS!!!

31 01 2007

i hope u love all of these 😉

2 02 2007

type to this!!!!!! 😦

6 02 2007

hi whats is your email?
besides the ickyboy one? and besides the magib one

6 02 2007

i aint gonna tell u
ur a stanger for cryin out loud

13 02 2007
Emy!!!! the friend!!!!

you know it is me kari

Editors Comment: OOPS! Sorry Erin

18 02 2007

HEY you know how you said that you had a ton of cheats well you only have one it kind of stinks too.
I am never coming on this website again.

18 02 2007

you said you had a ton of cheats but you only have one

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